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The Phoenix Forge Group of companies share a history dating back more than a century. Since 1882, The Phoenix Forge Group has been providing quality products. Back then, we had a different name and our products were a little different, namely horseshoes, but the quality and attention to detail were exactly the same.

  In the early part of the 1900's, we employed over 600 men working around the clock producing horseshoes for the Russian and British armies. In 1939, our plant joined the war effort forging steel for the government. By 1953, we housed more than 21 board hammers, a complete die room, and a production machine shop.
Today, The Phoenix Forge Group is proud to lead its member companies into the new millennium. Capitol Manufacturing Company, Phoenix Forging Company, Conduit Pipe Products Company, Phoenix Hotform Company, Barco Industries, and CapProducts of Canada are all dedicated to provide our customers with top quality products just as we did 120 years ago.

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