Important Information concerning our Customer Order Inquiry Website

1) We require both your Customer Number and PO number to request Order Status Information.

*** If your Company is a member of one of our Company Groups that PO Number will also be searched for in all Customer Numbers with that same Group code.

2) When the information for the PO Number is displayed you will have the option of selecting a printer freindly version of that screen or individual order packing slips for any orders linked to your PO Number 

*** You will still have access to the Order Tracking information and Material Test Reports from the printer freindly version and Material Test Reports from the indiviual order packing slips

3) When you click on a Tracking Number we'll send you to that carrier's website, not all Carrier's allow us to embed the Tracking Number with the link and for those you will have to copy and paste the Tracking Number into the Carrier's tracking form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the numbers for Customer Service?

Capitol Manufacturing 1-800-848-1100 ext. 137
Phoenix Forging Company 1-800-444-FORG ext. 119
Conduit Pipe Products 1-800-848-1000 option 4
CapProducts 1-800-265-5586

2.  I do not know my Customer Number.  Where can I find it?

The Order Acknowledgement that was either emailed, faxed or mailed to you would contain your Customer No linked to that PO Number. 

3.  I'm entering my Customer Number and PO Number but nothing happens. 

Check your Order Acknowledgement to make sure the Customer Number and PO Number are correct.  If information is still not being displayed contact Customer Service at one of the numbers listed in the FAQ section. 

4.  When I select a Heat Code, nothing happens.  What can I do to fix this?

The MTR system utilizes Scripting when bring up the printable MTR.  The most likely cause of this is the security setting in Internet Explorer.  You need to set IE to allow Active Scripting. 

Internet Explorer 6:  Select Tools > Internet Options.  Click on the Security button.  Make sure you have the Internet selected in the Select Web content zone.  Click on the Customize button.  Scroll down until you find SCRIPTING.  Active Scripting should either be enabled or set at prompt.